Spence Vs. Crawford Kick-Off Press Conference

Errol Spence Jr. and Terence Crawford faced each other at a live press tour from ‘The Beverly Hills Hotel’ in the run-up to their fight on July 29th, 2023.

The duo will put their respective titles on the line, as Crawford’s WBO title will go up against Spence’s IBF, WBC and WBA belts.

The winner will become the first-ever undisputed champion at welterweight in the four-belt era.

With that being said, the first of the two pressers took place at The Beverly Hills Hotel at 11:00 a.m. PT.

Meanwhile, the second one will occur on June 14th, 2023, in New York – Palladium Times Square at 11:00 a.m. ET.

Key Quotes

“There will be greatness [on] July 29th that you guys will witness. And how do we witness greatness…We measure greatness by eras.

“But July 29th I’m gonna show each and everyone of you all that this era is the Terrence Crawford era.

“He calls himself the big fish right, but what [do] you do when the fish is taken out of the water, you suffocate. Let’s go,” Crawford

“There’s a bulldog in me. You know when I see that blood, when I see weakness, I just go for the kill,” Crawford

“The winner of this fight is definitely the best fighter in the world…everybody knows…So make sure everybody tunes in,” Spence

“You ain’t fought anybody, you haven’t beaten anybody at undisputed at 140. Who have you fought at 135 lbs and who have you fought at 147 lbs,” Errol Spence

On the reaction if he wins: “How the hell does Errol Spence keep breaking these men, these grown-a*s men,” Spence

“Spence will win the fight because of his depth, his technique…his skillset…What you’ll see on July 29th is that Errol Spence go[es] out and yet again prove his dominance over another fighter.

“That’s what you’ll see on July 29th, Errol Spence breaking Terrence Crawford’s will,” Derrick James

Full Presser

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