Spence Vs. Crawford’s Ring Entrance Decided By A Coin Flip, ‘Bud’ Arrives In Vegas

Errol Spence Jr. disclosed some of the finer details involved in his fight with Terence Crawford on July 29th, 2023. 

Both fighters will put their legacy on the line, as the winner will become the first undisputed welterweight champion of the four-belt era.

The fight had been a long time coming and was finally made when both fighters hashed things out over the phone. Disagreements over who is the A-side held things up.

Spence is the unified champion, with the more significant ticket sales, while Crawford has been undisputed at lightweight, a feat Spence hasn’t achieved at any weight class. 

And yet, it appears that one of the finer details has been left until the last minute: who will walk out last? 

Since Crawford and Spence are known for entering the ring after their opponents, one fighter will have to change things on fight night.

With that being said, Spence revealed the unique manner in which this would be resolved. 

“We gotta flip a coin to see who’s gonna walk last. Even though I’m the A side, we gotta flip a coin,” Spence

Crawford Arrives In Vegas

Aside from the ring entrances, Crawford made his way to Las Vegas on July 18th, 2023, in readiness for the fight.

That will give the WBO champion less than two weeks to acclimate to his surroundings. Meanwhile, Spence has been in Vegas for the last fortnight.

It is not clear if this will have a bearing coming into fight week, but one thing for sure is that Spence is ready for anything.

“My first world title was in Sheffield, England, and I had been on my longest layoff of a year and some change, waiting for him to get better to fight him. So my mentality, it don’t matter where we fight. It could be anywhere,” Spence said 

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