Stephen Espinoza Gives Deadline For Spence Vs. Crawford – ‘It’s Never Going To Happen’

Stephen Espinoza has stated that the Errol Spence Jr. vs Terence Crawford bout has to be made within the next couple of months.

Talks over an undisputed bout in the 147 lb division have been dragging on for over one year. The initial talks broke down, which led to Crawford signing with BLK Prime on a one-fight deal to face David Avanesyan.

That led to a huge amount of criticism, with suggestions that both fighters were ducking each other in order to preserve their undefeated record.

However, following Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis’ fight, there is hope that the deal can be done. With that being said, Espinoza has set a clear deadline for the fight, putting both stars on notice. 

“If we’re not able to close a deal in the next couple of months, it would mean that there were active, meaningful discussions basically for a year straight, and if we’re not able to reach an agreement by that point then the odds are that it’s never going to happen,” Espinoza

And by the looks of it, the pressure on both fighters to sign an agreement has only grown, as shown through the social media response.

Social Media Response

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