Stevenson Dismisses Haney’s Claim Of Being Stopped In Sparring

Shakur Stevenson has hit back at Devin Haney after the latter claimed he had been stopped in sparring by Liam Paro.

Stevenson’s comments arrive just as he is preparing for his WBC lightweight vacant title fight with Edwin De Los Santos on November 16th, 2023. The fight was made once Haney was stripped for failing to face Stevenson, who was his WBC mandatory as the Dream moved up to junior welterweight. However, Haney did make a 25 percent offer to face Shakur, which the latter rejected on the grounds that the financials did not make sense. But since then, the two fighters have continued to accuse each other of ducking.

In response, Stevenson has rejected claims that he had been knocked out in sparring.

“The reality is Devin is insecure. When you’re in these gyms in Vegas, there’s a lot of people that make up stuff, and they make up their own version of how stuff go, and all that kind of stuff. “Somebody my have told him some bull s**t, and he wanted to believe it so bad. He didn’t know if it was the truth or not, and he kind of went on Twitter and kind of put it out there.

“I’d like for y’all to go interview Liam Para because I’m not going to disrespect him because I don’t know if it came from him. I’m not going to desrespect him because he’s quiet too. He didn’t say nothing. Go and interview him and ask him how those sparring sessions went with me. He’s going to tell you that I’m a bad mother f***ker, and ask him if he hurt me. He’s going to tell you ‘No, Stevenson

So moving forward, the back-and-forth is only going to increase the demand for the fight to happen. But given that both are competing at different weight classes, the fans will have to wait a little longer to see the fight happen.

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