Stevenson-Jack Ends In A Majority Draw

Badou Jack cannot escape the dreaded draw as it cost him yet another world title.

After an outstanding comeback in the second half of the fight, Jack’s WBC light heavyweight title challenge against longtime titleholder Adonis Stevenson ends in a majority draw. It would mark the second time in three fights that Jack fights for a world title fight only to end in a draw.

Stevenson started the fight by utilizing the left hand to keep Jack in check throughout most of the first half of the fight. Jack did not throw a lot of punches in the opening six rounds and used the energy saved up to land numerous monster shots that hurt Stevenson. Stevenson, who is 40 years old, started to look tired in the seventh round as Jack picked up the offensive pace. Stevenson’s face was battered and bruised, but he managed to get back into the fight with a scintillating body shot in the late in the fight that severely hurt Jack.

Regardless, the final round had both men throw a number of combinations at the end as the fight could have gone either way. Jack may have won the round with a flurry of punches in the final 25 seconds of the fight as he believed he was the winner.

After the fight, Stevenson said he believes he was the rightful winner.

“I definitely won the fight because I hurt him in the body. I think I won the fight,” Stevenson said.

As for a possible rematch, both men said they would love to have one, but Jack did say he wants the fight to take place in Las Vegas since Jack went to Stevenson’s home country of Canada.

Adonis Stevenson (c) vs. Badou Jack: WBC light heavyweight title fight

Round 1: The fight starts off with both men trying to find their range. Neither man throws any meaningful punches, but Stevenson did land a decent body shot early in the round. Stevenson spends the last 90 seconds of the first round throwing the occasional jab.

Round 2: Stevenson throws a couple of jabs before throwing his trademark killer hand that pushes Jack to the ropes. Stevenson now lands a straight left jab as Jack continues to try and hold his own against the long-reigning WBC champion.

Round 3: Stevenson throws a few right jabs before throwing a left body shot. Jack sneaks in a right hand to Stevenson’s body and is now becoming aggressive. Jack throws a three-punch combination upstairs. Not much activity in the last minute of the round as Jack is still trying to establish a rhythm.

Round 4: The champions delivers a good combination as both men clinch wrestle around the ring. Stevenson throws a jab, Jack responds by throwing one of his own and Stevenson answers back with a left hand. Stevenson throws the left hand more while Jack lands the right hand. Stevenson ends the round strong, landing a left uppercut that splits Jack’s defense.

Round 5:  Jack tries to close the distance by fighting on the inside. The first minute of the fight is filled with numerous clinches and Stevenson has responded by landing punches in close quarters. Stevenson begins to pick up the pace, but Jack throws an uppercut which Stevenson blocks. Stevenson ends the round with a flurry of punches.

Round 6: Stevenson is now in full control because he’s land the left uppercut. Jack lands a counter right hook upstairs, but Stevenson continues to pressure Jack with his left hand. The Toronto crowd chants for Stevenson as the WBC champion is on the receiving end of a right hand combination by Jack.

Round 7: Jack is now mounting a comeback by landing a four-punch combination upstairs as Stevenson starts to slow down just a bit. Jack lands a right uppercut, but Stevenson lands a counter left hook. Stevenson is showing signs of fatigue.

Round 8: Jack is now the aggressor as he pushes back Stevenson. Jack is fighting more aggressively and Stevenson appears to be hit below the belt. Jack is building up momentum by throwing several combinations, but Stevenson lands a good left hand to keep Jack’s offense in check for a moment.

Round 9: Stevenson is looking tired as Jack continues to throw several combinations and prevent the champion from throwing any punches. Stevenson throws a couple of jabs, but Jack pops Stevenson’s head back with a vicious uppercut. Jack continues to land every power punch he throws.

Round 10: Both men trade blows early in the round, but Stevenson still looks exhausted. Jack continues to score points with the right hand and is in full control of the fight since the start of the seventh round. Stevenson mounts a small comeback at the end of the round.

Round 11: Stevenson starts the round on fire by going to work on Jack’s body. Stevenson continues to hurt Jack, but the challenger manages to sneak in a big left hook to Stevenson’s jaw. Stevenson continues to beat up Jack until Jack gets back and lands a strong combination of punches. Jack gets the momentum for a second with a three-punch combination that lands upstairs. Jack works the body as both men clinch. Jack connects another combination of punches as the best round of the fight thus far ends.

Round 12: The final round starts with both boxers landing punches in close quarters. Jack throws a short combination, but Stevenson responds by attacking Jack’s body. Stevenson lands another left hand. Both boxers clinch repeatedly in the second minute of the round. Jack throws an overhand right as he tries to throw one last good combination. The fight ends with Jack landing a much-needed combination.


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