Stevenson, Lopez, And Kambosos Engage In Social Media Feud

Shakur Stevenson was involved in a war of words with Teofimo Lopez and George Kambosos Jr. on social media.

The new WBC lightweight champion had to defend a barrage of criticism that was coming his way in response to his performance against Edwin De Los Santos to win the belt. Despite becoming a three-division champion, Stevenson was booed through the course of the fight. His decision to fight in an extremely defensive manner did not resonate with the boxing fans, despite suggestions that he had a hand injury, the news of which came out following the fight. This led to question marks over whether Stevenson could become a PPV star and secure the big fights at 135. In response, Lopez was not impressed by what he had seen, especially since he had attended the fight.

“I don’t know [if i will fight]. Do you still want to see a $4 million man put your a** to sleep? Of course, I’m talking about Shakur. If you want to see entertainment, then pay the man for entertainment,” Lopez

Those comments sparked a frenzy, with both fighters exchanging words.

“These dudes so shiest be in yo face one min like they yo man’s and s**t but talk crazy bout u to the next [person] then in reality they forget they bad nights they lose,” Stevenson

The response above from Lopez resulted in Stevenson bringing up George Kambosos Jr. to counter the claims that he had made excuses for his performance. After all, following his loss to Kambosos, Lopez did reveal that he had a medical issue concerning his breathing coming into the fight.

“Nah I’m talking bout that asthma u had when Kambosas b** a** was punching yo face in and u couldn’t breathe, or the time when u fought Sandor Martin and had to ask yourself “do I still got it?” U weird a** [people] stay out my face rs and there won’t ever be no issues,” Stevenson

And yet, the manner in which Kambosos was brought up caused the Australian to respond as he and Shakur traded words.

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