Stevenson on Warrington: ‘I Thought He Had A Lot Of Heart’

The idea of the best facing the best is not a new concept. When it comes to Josh Warrington, however, Shakur Stevenson believes he doesn’t understand it.

Stevenson (13-0), the WBO Featherweight Champion, has been vying for a fight with the IBF Featherweight Champion in Warrington (30-0) for a long time. He has tried to comprise the location and a date for a fight. Warrington, someone who prides himself on being the best, hasn’t shown signs that he has accepted any terms.

With Matchroom looking to face Warrington off against Xu Can, a perplexed Stevenson (of Top Rank) is trying to get some answers.

“It definitely caught me by surprise because I feel like the fight that made the most sense was definitely me and Warrington, being that I’m an undefeated fighter, with a real title, no interim title,” Stevenson stated to Boxing Scene. “And I’ve been calling Josh Warrington’s name since I was like 8-0. In my brain, I’m thinking me and him is the main fight [at featherweight].”

Stevenson won four fights in 2019. The 22-year-old won silver in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and has quickly climbed up the ranks in boxing. He was supposed to face off against Miguel Marriaga on March 14 inside Madison Square Garden. The fight was postponed as a result of the coronavirus. If that fight wasn’t to be rescheduled, Stevenson is ready for unification bouts.

Warrington won the IBF Title from Lee Selby in May 2018. He has defended it three times since then. Besides Can, there is an idea of a rematch with Kid Galahad, who he beat via split decision back in June. With Stevenson not even on the radar, the man from New Jersey is questioning everything he knows about the Leeds man.

“We’re the big fight, so for him to say he wanted to fight Can Xu, it kind of caught me off guard,” Stevenson went on to say. “It got me wondering about Josh, because I thought he had a lot of heart. I thought he had heart and I thought he was a fighter that wanted to fight the best and only the best. So, he kind of threw me off with that one.”

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