Steward Was Surprised By Davison’s Exit

On the road to Tyson Fury’s rematch with Deontay Wilder on February 22nd, Sugarhill Steward was not supposed to be the only man to develop the gameplan.

Speaking with Boxing Scene, Steward claimed Fury’s former trainer Ben Davison was set to be a part of the planning.

“I was brought in as the head trainer, but my understanding was that Ben was going to be there as well,” said Steward.

“When news came out that Ben was going to be out of the camp, that was news to me when I heard about it. It was my understanding that Ben was going to be a secondary trainer, but it didn’t turn out that way, and here we are now. I was happy with it either way.”

When Wilder had a rematch with Luis Ortiz on November 23rd, Davison was inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena, and then a few weeks later Fury and Davison split mysteriously.

“Tyson talks about him, and he doesn’t say anything bad about Ben,” said Steward. “They said it was a mutual agreement. I’m not going to overthink their relationship when Deontay Wilder is in front of us.”

“We worked together, we played together and we trained together. He knows my family history and my bloodlines,” said Steward of Fury.

“People say I train just like Emmanuel. He taught me everything I know. You can’t get him anymore, but here I am, SugarHill, continuing the legacy of a legend.”

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