Sugar Ray Leonard TKOs Thomas Hearn In Welterweight Title Unification Fight – September 16, 1981 (This Day In Boxing History)

At the time, a “Sugar” Ray Leonard versus Thomas Hearns was one of the biggest super fight matchups boxing fans could be gifted.

Leonard and Hearns finally met in the ring, but it was Leonard who came out on top with a TKO over Hearns for the WBC and WBA world welterweight titles. The two boxers would meet again eight years later where it was declared a split decision.

Despite Hearns’ punching power, Leonard kept coming aggressively. In later rounds, Hearn regained momentum and succeeded in landing punches in openings left for him.

But in Round 13, Hearns nearly hit the mat, clinging onto the ropes.

Leonard walked away the winner.

Sugar Ray is another boxing great of all time. He won world titles in five weight divisons and the lineal championship in three weight divisions. He was part of “The Fabulous Four” who fought each other throughout the 1980s, which also included Hearns, Roberto Duran and Marvin Hagler.

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