Sumo stable master forced assistant to eat whole container of wasabi, beat him with a bat

Kazuyuki Yamamura, a sumo stable master, has admitted to some serious hazing allegations. Yamamura said he would grow angry with his unnamed assistant when he would make mistakes and would punish him by hitting him with a baseball bat, stuffing a towel down his mouth, and threatened to crush his testicles.

The stable master said he would become upset when his assistant would make mistakes when he shopped for groceries or failed to speak in a clear manner.

The victim, 31, started working at the stable early this year and at first put up with the abuse so he did not cause problems for Hakuho, one of the sport’s biggest star and the stable’s prized fighter. 

‘Stablemasters’ live with senior wrestlers and trainees in one large "heya", or stable, that feature training facilities, sparring rings, a dining area, and dormitories. 

When allegations of the hazing scandal broke last month, the Japan Sumo Association expelled Yamamura.

Hakuho is currently setting the pace of the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament with an 11-0 record. 

[The Telegraph]

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