Sumo Sundays: Sumo Strategy

While technique is important, it is always good to remember that having momentum on your side can result in a big win. In the world of sumo, nothing can be taken for granted. Even the simplest of moves can benefit the greatest yokozuna.

“Sumo Sundays” are back to teach those unfamiliar with the sport all they need to know. This week, FIGHT SPORTS opens up the vault to talk about a strategy that is considered one of the move important moves within the sport. To get an introduction to the sport, check out the provided link.

The Initial Charge

Known as the initial charge, the Tachi-ai is an attack that allows you to gain any sort of momentum against your opponent.

The way to perform the move is to keep as low as possible and hit the opponent with enough force that they will be able to be knocked out of the way. It can also help when securing tough moves, or when trying to grab the belt of your opponent. Other ways to use the move are by surprising them via slap, raising an opponent or with a strong thrust.

Mongolian Hakuho Sho has utilized this move and it has resulted in great success for him. While the Tachi-ai is a powerful weapon, it can also be a crutch; use it too much, and it will make you predictable. As a result, an opponent can counter your move via sidestep, giving them the win.

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