Sumo Sundays: Winning Moves – The Sotogake

When it comes to sumo competitions, the technique is important. Sometimes, one move can end it all and give the user of the move all the spoils. One move has become a reliable one when it comes to ending a contest for good.

“Sumo Sundays” are back to teach those unfamiliar with the sport all they need to know. This week, FIGHT SPORTS opens up the vault to talk about one of the top moves to perform in a sumo contest. To get an introduction to the sport, check out the provided link.


Known as the outside leg trip, the Sotogake is one of the most effective moves in all of sumo.

To utilize the move, you must wrap your leg around your opponent and trip them. The best way to stabilize them is to lock onto their belt and hold tight. Then you must wrap your leg around theirs to make them lose balance. The end result should be a downed opponent and your hand raised.

The most examples of this move being performed can go back to Daionami v. Otakayama and Kakuryu v. Goeido.

Will we see this move used in the next few months as upcoming sumo tournaments heat up? Who would you like to see perform the move?

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