Swanson Reflects on UFC 206 Instant Classic

Before the final bell rang in Cub Swanson’s UFC 206 bout with Doo Ho Choi, the brawl was already being hailed as the fight of the year. The wily veteran and young prospect beat the brakes off of each other for the better part of three rounds, and Swanson emerged victorious after the fifteen minutes were up.

After a tough first round, Swanson managed to hurt Choi in the second frame. When he sensed his young opponent was hurt, Swanson piled on the pressure — and that’s when Choi came back, stunning Swanson with a right hand and reversing the momentum of the fight.

Swanson and Choi took turns inflicting damage on each other for the rest of the bout, but it was Swanson that had the most moments of dominance. After the fight, the most popular talking point was Choi’s ability to take Swanson’s power shots without going to sleep.

Speaking on The Luke Thomas show, Swanson said that he’s never fought a fighter with that much durability.

“No, definitely not,” Swanson said. “I was telling my coaches backstage that I don’t even try to hit a heavy bag that hard. I remember wanting to turn around a couple of times. Towards the end, I had him on the fence, I wanted to turn around and look at the ref, like ‘are you serious?’ But he just kept reviving."

It was an important victory for Swanson, who was viewed by many as the veteran to open the door for the much-hyped Choi by losing. Swanson was motivated by what he perceived to be a lack of respect, and he earned his greatest win to date.

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