Sylvester Stalone To Direct CREED II

The man known for being Rocky Balboa, Sylvester Stallone has announced that he will direct and produce Creed 2, the eighth installment in the Rocky franchise.

The first Creed film, starring Stallone and Michael B Jordan, was a spin-off of the original series of films and was directed by Ryan Coogler.

The film helped revitalize the series of films and was such a success that it merited Stallone his third Oscar nomination, which was in the Best Supporting Actor category (Stallone was previously nominated twice for the original film for Best Original Screenplay and Best Actor).

Stallone confirmed the news on his personal Instagram account.



Stallone has not only portrayed the character of Rocky Balboa, he was also the screen writer of all  six films before ‘Creed’. He has also directed ‘Rocky II’, ‘Rocky III’, ‘Rocky IV’ and ‘Rocky VI’.

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