Taekwondo As ADHD Therapy?

Dr. Beth Tarini, a pediatrician and associate professor at the University of Michigan, is launching a study to whether Taekwondo could be an effective therapy for kids with ADHD.

Tarini’s interest comes from feedback received from parents who’s children study at Dan Vigil’s Academy of Taekwon do in Northville, Michigan.

The exercise of learning and memorizing different kicks and techniques may help those with ADHD focus better and alleviate some of the symptoms.

“Parents are starving for alternative treatments, starving for them,” said Tarini, who is using the online crowdfunding site Crowdrise to raise some of the money for the research. “They want to make sure they can do all they can to help their kids — even if they have to come to terms with the fact that the child benefits from the medicine.

“That’s why we want to see if this is really working. … They come to me, and they want something, and it’s disheartening to say to them I have very little to offer you that is evidence based and accessible given the issues we have with mental health care access

“I’m not saying that this is a replacement of pharmacological management for treatment of ADHD. It more likely is an adjunct in that it could possibly enhance what medicine is giving you. It could mean less medicine is needed, or it could mean no medicine is needed — it depends on the child and the intervention.”

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[Detroit Free Press]

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