Tank Davis Absent From The Grand Arrivals For The Frank Martin Fight

Gervonta Davis was absent for the Grand Arrivals for his fight with Frank Martin.

Davis defends his WBA Lightweight Title on June 15. He makes his first appearance in 14 months since stopping Ryan Garcia in April 2023. Tank was then arrested for violating his house arrest conditions over a prior hit-and-run incident. After serving 44 days in jail, he is ready to put on a performance. He announced a 6-7 fight deal with PBC, which surpasses Floyd Mayweather’s $200 million deal with Showtime in 2013.

Martin, however, fancies his chances. He spoke about buzzing Davis in sparring during the build-up. He is an undefeated southpaw with an 18-0 record. He has Ryan Garcia as his stablemate, giving him an insight into what Davis could bring. However, his last performance was not the best.

Martin was on his way to a loss against Artem Harutyunyan. The German, though, took a knee in the final round, which gave Martin a win on the scorecards. Given how long Davis has been outside of the sport, fans were surprised to see him skip the event. Tank did post that he would skip the event.

“The promotion for this fight been a**.. now watch ion [sic] show up to the arrivals s*** today,” Davis stated

While Davis is a big-enough name, it has gotten fans speculating. The following clip appears to show Davis running after skipping the Grand Arrivals.

If that is Davis, it shows his dedication to the cause. But it has gotten some fans wondering if all is well in camp. In the meantime, Davis’ coach (Calvin Ford) and Martin addressed the media. 

“I’m feeling good. We’ve been training for a while, I’m locked in, I’m focused. You know, the whole goal was to come out here and beat him and I’m ready to take the spot and I’m here for a reason. I ain’t here just to be here, I’m here to take this…over…I’m different. I got some things: I got speed, I got power, I got IQ. I feel like I got it all. Ya’ll gonna see. When it’s time to bite down, the world gonna see. We got this fight Saturday and I’m going to whoop his ass…we got Saturday to show who’s who,” Martin

“I want to apologize to the fans. He can’t make it at this moment because he’s been delayed, but he’s going to make it up to y’all on fight night. Trust what I’m saying to y’all. Y’all want to see this performance that he’s going to put on to the fans. We’re back in business. We’ve been waiting for this for a while. We want to put on a great performance, we want to put on a great performance for the fans at the end of the day. Watching him in camp, it scares me because of the things he’s doing and his maturity when he gets in that ring. I’ve seen him listen to a conversation, listen to what’s going on, and he’s real focused,” Ford


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