Tatiana Suarez Has Eyes Set On Return Date

Tatiana Suarez was one of the most promising contenders in the female division.

She is an undefeated fighter who earned massive victories against top contenders. She defeated No. 2 ranked contender and currently title challenger Carla Esperaza three years ago, but because of several injuries, she has not fought two years already.

She was fighting with a broken hand and pains in the back, and other injuries during this period. She was supposed to come back against Roxanna Modafferi, but another knee injury came up, and she was forced to be out from that bout.

But now, she’s in recovery mode.

“Recovery is going well. I am eight months, right now, post-op. I feel really good. I am thinking summer,” revealed Suarez.

“I’m hoping maybe July. I’m crossing for maybe International Fight Week. That’s the 2nd right? Yeah, I would like that.”

“I’m just trying to test my knee out. I’ve been doing a lot of grappling lately, which is crazy because I enjoyed grappling so I thought that would be the most mentally draining thing for me in terms of coming back, and a little bit weary,” added Suarez. “But I’ve even grappling every day, so I guess I’ve overcome that fear.

“I’m still a little bit reluctant in certain situations, and hesitant, but I’m feeling really good. The next step is doing some sparring and seeing how I hold up during sparring. Then, once I feel 100% confident, I’ll ask to book a flight. I’m hoping July,” Suarez concluded.

Even though she proved a lot in the strawweight division, she wants to make her return to the flyweight to focus on fighting and not on weight cuts.

“I wanted to feel how I felt at 125, cause, eventually, I think I do wanna make the move up,” continued Suarez. “Say, when I get to the strawweight belt, I would wanna go up and test myself there as well, 125. So I figured, let’s see how I feel at 125. So I wanted to do maybe a couple fights at 125 and then go back down to 115 when I felt really comfortable.”

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