Team GGG File Complaint Against Canelo’s Hand Wraps

Leading up to the first fight between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin, Golovkin’s trainer complained and nearly had an altercation with a Nevada State Athletic Commission official regarding the way Canelo Alvarez wrapped his hands.

The method known as ‘stacking” which has tape and gauze layered over one another is traditionally against the rules, but not the case for Nevada where its legal.

In a conversation with Boxing Scene, Golovkin’s promoter Tom Loeffler expanded on the issue a bit further.

“The layering or the stacking isn’t an issue in the sense that Abel has accepted those are Nevada commission rules, so he understands we’re going to follow the rules,” claimed Loeffler. “So, he understands we’ve got to follow the rules. When you’re in California or New York you can wrap a certain way. When you’re in Nevada or Texas, you can wrap a different way.

“I really think that’s a bigger issue that needs to be addressed by the ABC (Association of Boxing Commissions) because if you have a world championship fight, whether you believe in layering or stacking of if you don’t – it should be one way or the other and it will take all the controversy out of that argument.”

Loeffer continued by stating – “there is however a limitation on the rules of the Nevada athletic commission to the amount of gauze and tape. And the gauze really isn’t a problem. The gauze is padding and to protect your hands and cushion and those type of things. There is an issue with the amount of tape that was used last time around because when you do put on two layers you basically put on twice as much tape and that’s the biggest problem that Abel has.

“The Nevada commission has a limit of 24-foot on one-inch tape. Abel and the ‘Triple G’ team are looking to have them enforce that rule. As of right now, the position of the commission and Mr. (Bob) Bennett ( the executive director of the NSAC) is that both fighters can pretty much use as much tape as they feel necessary. That’s a protest that Mr. Bennett said that we would need to file if we didn’t agree with what their position is.

“So, that’s in the process now, in fact, I think it’s already been filed. So, we’ll have to see how the commission rules on that.”

Initial Report: Boxing Scene

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