Teddy Atlas Compares Julianna Peña Upset Win To This Other Historic Fight

Julianna Peña’s win reminded Teddy Atlas of another major upset in combat sports history – one not much of the world can forget about either.

Former boxing trainer and fight commentator Teddy Atlas said – like much of the sports world – he was shocked with Peña’s submission victory over Amanda Nunes, who is regarded as one of the best female fighters.

But there was one thing the commentators forgot to mention.

“But I was surprised [the commentators] didn’t mention one that was pretty damn enormous right in their own sport. And that was [Holly] Holm and [Ronda] Rousey,” Atlas said on his podcast “The Fight with Teddy Atlas.”

“People forget how dominant Rousey was. I mean, Rousey was a monster. I mean, she was Godzilla and when she got stopped and beaten… she got beat by Holly Holm, who was a former [boxer].”

In 2015, Holm knocked Rousey out in the second round of UFC 193.

With the major upset victory, Holm became the new bantamweight champion. She sealed the deal by rocking a straight left hand to Rousey’s face before dropping her.

Rousey was one of the most dominant forces at this time in MMA.

Holm went on to lose to Miesha Tate in March 2016, who then lost it to Nunes in July 2016.

Nunes was the reigning champion until Peña came along.

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