Teddy Atlas Heaps Praises On Jake Paul

Unlike most boxing fans, Teddy Atlas has appreciated Jake Paul and doesn’t think that the YouTuber-come-boxer is disrespecting the sport by any means.

“He’s doing the American way,” Atlas said of Paul.

“He found a way to make money without hurting anyone, I mean legally… That’s the American way, to go out there and find a way to make money. I give him credit for that.”

“He’s smart. A lot of people hate him, but one thing I give him credit for, he didn’t disrespect the sport of boxing. He went and he learned it. Can he go and just beat anyone? Of course not. But he learned the sport.

“He went out there and got a professional trainer, he went to a gym for the last couple years, and he worked his backside off to become the best he can become at this point, at this stage. He respected the sport.”

The boxing analyst credited Paul for cherry-picking his opponents and making big bucks in the process, however, he would be more interested in Paul if the 24-year-old goes on to fight someone like Jorge Masvidal.

“It’s probably not gonna happen, but if he fought Masvidal, Masvidal’s a pretty good striker, that’d be interesting. That would get my attention.”

After knocking out Tyron Woodley in the rematch, Paul called out Masvidal for a boxing bout.

He offered the UFC welterweight $5 million, but the MMA star turned it down, saying it would take at least $20 million for him to consider donning boxing gloves.

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