Teddy Atlas Questions Ryan Garcia’s Weight – ‘He Has Trouble, He Has To Compromise’

Teddy Atlas revealed that Ryan Garcia’s significant height and weight would be a double-edged sword against Gervonta Davis on April 22nd, 2023, which you can order on pay-per-view right here.

Much has been said about the physical attributes leading up to this fight. While Garcia is the much bigger man with the reach advantage, the ten-pound-rehydration clause could play a factor.

It is well known that Garcia was keen on taking the bout at 140 lbs. This was to the point that Garcia had accused Davis of ‘weight-draining’ him during the pre-fight presser.

In this chess match, Garcia may be keen on preventing Davis from closing the gap by keeping him on the outside.

However, the 136-pound catchweight and 10-pound-rehydration stipulation could cause him to be debilitated. And those were the worries expressed by Atlas.

The size of Garcia, that could be an advantage. His strength, his size, but it could be a disadvantage too because if he has trouble making that weight because he has to compromise himself making the weight,” Atlas

And by the looks of it, the sentiment on social media was much the same, with a mixed reaction.

Social Media Reaction

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