Tempers Explode During NAC Meeting Of UNLV’s Student Death At Fraternity Charity Boxing Match

If you think about a discussion regarding the death of a human being, it is likely that emotions will get the better of you.

That is exactly what happened during the open discussion pertaining to the death of a student who passed away in a fraternity charity boxing match.

There was a public discussion less than 24 hours after the investigation was completed on the death of 20-year-old college student Nathan Valencia.

“Law enforcement statements that no crime had been committed were conclusory and premature, and compromised any possible future prosecution,” the 158-page report concluded.

The reports suggested that a drunk referee, poor equipment and the use of alcohol during the match were some of the reasons why this chaotic incident took place.

Valencia participated in the boxing match at the Sahara Event Center on November 19 and his resistance was extinguished within a few hours.

The 20-year-old collapsed on the floor after suffering multiple injuries.

Valencia did four days later, which was met by anger and concern from his faithful. NAC chairman Stephen Cloobeck says that the sequence of events deeply hurt him.

“This is an underground fight,” commissioner Anthony Marnell said Tuesday. “I think I’m not going to testify to anybody’s intent. Nobody intended for any of this to happen. Nobody intended or premeditated this.”

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