Teofimo Lopez Will Not Fight George Kambrosos Jr As Planned Because He Is Still Sick With Covid-19

Teofimo Lopez (16-0-0) will not defend his title as planned against George Kambrosos Jr because he is still sick with Covid-19, according to DAZN, but many boxing fans think that the current lightweight champion is not sick at all. Because of Teofimo’s problems, Teo Sr’s plans are going to fail, who hoped Teofimo could fight against Vasily Lomachenko (15-2-0). Boxing pundits think Lomachenko should stay busy and fight with other opponents before he can test his abilities against Teofimo at the beginning of 2022.

Lomachenko looked amazing last Saturday night when he defeated Masayoshi Nakatani (19-2-0) via 9th round KO. It was a significant fight for Loma because he knew he needed to make a statement after his loss against Teofimo in their title fight. He clearly made a statement by knocking his opponent down twice before the KO.

As Chris Mannix said on his Boxing Show, he has been told by close people to Lopez that Lopez is still very sick and is still dealing with the effects of Covid-19. So whenever Lopez gets better, he will need a month and a half or two months of training camp to get back into shape.

Teofimo vs Kambosos is not an interesting fight for U.S boxing fans. They prefer to watch the rematch between the current champion against Loma, which will be postponed because of Teofimo’s illness.
If Teofimo is suffering from the effects of Covid-19, he needs to take his time until he will be back in the ring.
Kambosos Jr knows that this is his last chance to win the title, and if he misses this chance, he will be at the bottom of the rankings.
So this might be extra motivation for Kabosos Jr, and he will do his best to win his title, so Teo needs to be fully prepared against him.

Mannix is having some great options for Loma,
He says that he should not sit back and wait for Lopez to win this fight against Kambosos, and he should not wait for him to be ready to fight him again.
Mannix thinks that Loma should fight with someone until a big match early next year.
But, after last Saturday night, It’s unlikely that anyone from the top 15 will be ready to share the right with Lomachenko because many of them might be scared after such an amazing performance by Ukrainian.

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