Teofimo Lopez’s Legal Team Continues To Push For Kambosos Title Defense

Unified lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez Jr’s legal team has been displeased with Triller Fight Club over their handling of the upcoming title defense against Kambosos Jr. In two separate letters to the International Boxing Federation (IBF), the champion and his team have addressed Triller’s potential move of postponing the super-fight. The letters were penned by Lopez’s lead counsel Patrick English and manager David McWater.

The fight was first planned for May 29. It was moved to June 5 later, then to June 19. The bout was then pushed ahead to August 14 when Lopez tested positive for the coronavirus. Triller Fight Club has now hinted at postponing the fight further.

“At his point, we draw a distinction as to what Mr. Lopez must do as opposed to what he is willing to do,” a Triller spokesperson noted stated. “We do not need to argue over whether Mr. Lopez must agree to an extension, because he is willing to do so. He is willing to reset the clock, so to speak, beginning on the date he was cleared to fight.”

That would have given Triller/ Proxima 15 days to submit a contract which would be in accord with the standard IBF contract for a fight to be held within 90 days.

Triller/ Proxima was first proposed on August 14 at Madison Square Garden. That would have been acceptable. Then it proposed September 11. That too would have been acceptable. Both dates fall within 90 days of the reset date of June 29. Yet no contract was offered for either date.”

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