Terence Crawford Isn’t To Blame For Defective Gloves In Title Fight Vs. David Avanesyan

In the sixth round, Crawford's glove busted open.

When Terence Crawford’s boxing gloves busted open during his fight Saturday night, members of the local commission who were ringside were confused. 

After further inspection, Crawford was allowed to proceed with his WBO welterweight title defense against David Avanesyan, scoring a knockout just moments later in the sixth round. On Tuesday, Everlast took responsibility for the mishap. 

“During the development cycle of the custom fight gloves used in Crawford vs. Avanesyan a batch of defective leather was used in production resulting in a malfunction during the competition,” Everlast wrote in its statement. 

“In such cases, Everlast follows proper protocol by providing back up competition pairs to be replaced pending a decision by the sanctioning body overseeing the fight. 

“A stoppage was called to review the equipment malfunction and the commission deemed the equipment was still suitable for competition. No foul play was at hand, nor was there any tampering of the product on behalf of Terence Crawford and his camp.” 

Both gloves had seemed to be affected, with the thumb portion of the right glove open completely, revealing padding. 

According to the Association of Boxing Commissions, promoters must supply only new gloves for all main events and title fights. The commission must then approve and seal the two pairs. 

A photo circulated showing Crawford’s damage gloves, which trainer and glove manufacturer Russ Anber questioned, suggesting that the WBO welterweight champion’s pair were not “new.” 

Despite the speculation, Crawford has not been found of any wrongdoing. 

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