Tevin Farmer No Longer Interested In Joseph Diaz Jr. Rematch

Tevin Farmer isn’t seeking a rematch with Joseph Diaz Jr. anymore.

Back in January 30, 2020, Farmer put the IBF Super-Featherweight Title on the line against Diaz. After 12 rounds of action, Diaz captured the gold via unanimous decision. Since that time, Farmer has been calling for a rematch but it appears that desire has waned.

Diaz was expected to put his gold on the line against Shavkat Rakhimov on February 13. Diaz ended up missing weight. His bout with Rakhimov went the distance and was declared a draw but the title is now vacant.

During an interview with Fight Hub TV, Farmer said that a rematch with Diaz isn’t appealing to him now that “JoJo” is no longer a champion (h/t Bad Left Hook).

“No, not really. Right now at this point, it’s pointless. The whole point of the rematch clause was to fight for my title again and it didn’t happen. I got f’ed over by somebody in between, I don’t know who or how but I was f’ed over. And I’m not surprised, I was always the underdog in the sport of boxing. I wasn’t supposed to make it to the level I made it at, but I did because I stayed consistent and worked hard. I mean, I feel like I’ma get it again sooner or later.

“And to this day, (Diaz) beat me but he’s still way behind me…he’s not at that level, he’s got a long way to go. He didn’t even make a defense. They say you not a world champion until you make a defense, right? He didn’t make a defense. He lost the belt on the scale, he hasn’t made one defense, you know. I made multiple defenses in less than a year or two…And yes, he beat me that night, and I can’t take nothing away from him for that. He came in, was the better man. I had issues going on but that don’t matter, he still came in the better man.

“I feel like it was a fluke, it’s like another Andy Ruiz and Joshua — it was a fluke. And that’s why they didn’t want to give me that rematch because they already know what would’ve happened…If you can beat me again, fight me.”

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