The Circus That Was Fury Vs KSI & Logan Paul Vs Danis

The KSI and Tommy Fury card has not gone down well with the boxing community.

The two boxers squared off on October 14th, 2023. The narrative heading into the fight had been that Fury would walk out with a dominant win since he is the more established boxer. So much so that Fury vowed to ‘stop’ KSI. However, the fight turned out to be anything but that as Fury labored towards a controversial majority-decision win.

The fight was devoid of much action, as both boxers resorted to clinching with not much action going on in between the rounds. That was summed up in the second round, with Fury being penalized for hitting on the back of the head. However, the result raised more talking points than the actual fight.

The scorecards had it as follows: 57-56, 57-57 and 57-56. In the aftermath, KSI branded the decision as a robbery. However, the scorecards should have had it as a unanimous-decision win for Fury. Judge Rafael Ramos scored it 57-57, but in fact, the scores were added up incorrectly as it should have been 57-56, thus giving Fury a wider win.

As for the co-main event between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis, the fight ended with a disqualification after the latter resorted to using MMA moves with a takedown and guillotine choke attempt after failing to make any impression on Paul’s defense. Thereafter, a brawl broke out which summed up a poor night of boxing. As a result, Carlo Froch had a few choice words to say about the fight itself. The four-time world champion did not hide his dissatisfaction at the lack of quality he had witnessed.


“The fight was absolutely f—— diabolical, it was crap, probably the worst fight I’ve ever seen… It’s cringey to watch, Like, ‘What are these two guys doing?’ It’s appalling. Everyone agrees how sh!t it was.

“And then they’ve got the audacity at the end to have an argument. You’ve just had six rounds to hit each other, and you stood and held each other – now you wanna have a f——- argument? I don’t think anybody should’ve won; it should’ve been a draw,” Froch said

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