The Friday Five: Fights We Want To See In 2018

As we head into the new year, the prospect of a new year brings potential new fights that many people would want to see, whether they be the pound-for-pound best in their division, or just for the idea of “what would happen if these two just decided to fight.” We here at FIGHT SPORTS have a few ideas of fights we’d like to see in the new year for those reasons, and a few more.


  1. 1. Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor:We’re a fan of trilogies, the Cornetto Trilogy, the Star Wars Trilogy (the first one, how dare you assume otherwise), and the saga between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor must have its final showdown. Both men have a win against each other, both men are at vastly different points in their careers’ as McGregor is the face of the UFC and quite possibly the entire sport, while Diaz is stating through coaches that he wants $15 million dollars per fight.The only way that Diaz can conceivably net that money is through one last dance with McGregor. Even though title unification is staring the “Notorious” one in the face, one can think that a fight with Diaz would be on the top of McGregor’s to- do list.

  2. Gennady Golovkin vs. Canelo Alvarez:This is a fight we all know will happen in 2018, as the two sides have been negotiating since Adalaide Byrd’s scorecard was read in September. Its a matter of when and where. Canelo Alvarez fights twice a year, on Cinco De Mayo and Mexican Independence day, and Golovkin is looking to fight more than twice this year, which may be the major hitch in putting this fight together. While Tom Loeffler has claimed that Golovkin will wait for Canelo and a May 5th fight, there is no deal yet. With their being no deal, potential opponents and options have been flying across the boxing universe for both men. Whether it be Daniel Jacobs, David Lemieux, or Billy Joe Saunders, there is no shortage of options for either fighter, but we’re selfish and want to see an end to this.
  3. Anthony Joshua vs. Tyson Fury/ Deontay Wilder/Joseph Parker:The Heavyweight Division is littered with potential unifying fights, and for the first time in over a decade, we may see a unified world heavyweight champion. The operative word is may, as negotiations have turned into public arguments between fighters and promoters, which will hopefully make enough headway for fights to be set.As of now it seems that we will see a Joseph Parker and Anthony Joshua match prior to anything else, as Parker’s promoters, Duco Promotions and Joshua’s team at Matchoom Boxing, have been negotiating for the past few weeks, which as lead to press conferences, pro wrestling style bounties and grandstanding, which means we will probably see a fight announced prior to Christmas.

  4. Georges St-Pierre vs. Conor McGregor:We get it… Both of these men hold belts that need to be unified, and the main focus of 2018 seems to be unifying championships, whether in boxing or mma. While we agree with this idea and want to see definitive title holders in the next year, we can’t help but wonder “what if.”  The idea of two very different faces of the UFC facing off in 2018 would be not only a definitive box office smash at the gate and on PPV, it would be an interesting contrast of the MMA fanbase and the past two generations of fighter.McGregor embodies the UFC’s development as not only a sports organization, but an entertainment property. He is one of the names on social media that fight fans feel like they HAVE to follow, because of the old axiom about Howard Stern, “You never know what he’ll say next.” St-Pierre has one smack talk moment that stands out, but most remember the French-Canadian fighter for his inside the cage ability, than anything he has ever done at a press conference. It would make for an interesting lead-up, at the very least.

  5. Conor McGregor against the entire sport of boxing:Ever since McGregor’s fight against Floyd Mayweather, it seems more people are asking who will McGregor will box next, over who he will fight inside the Octagon. And while our list has two potential McGregor opponents inside the UFC, and there is one more in interim UFC lightweight champion Tony Ferguson, there are as many boxers who are looking to face McGregor.The first being Jeff Horn, who announced his intentions to fight McGregor soon after the August bout between the Irishman and Floyd Mayweather, and while Horn claimed he would make a substantial offer to McGregor to come and fight him in his native Australia, smart money says that won’t be happening.

    The second is Oscar De La Hoya… That’s right, the CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, and the biggest detractor to McGregor’s fight with Floyd Mayweather has claimed that not only is he training for a comeback, but he is focused on McGregor.

    De La Hoya has stated that he’s made the offer to McGregor and that the UFC star would have to “come to him” for the fight to happen.

    The final one is the most recent, and possibly the most plausible, Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao made a polite challenge to McGregor on Thanksgiving for a fight. While Pacquiao is 38 years old and looking at the majority of his career in the rear-view mirror, outside of a Jeff Horn rematch, this may be the biggest and most interesting fight that he could take.

    Whether or not these fights will happen or not isn’t up to us, but if we were in-charge we’d be making these deals as soon as we can.


Which fights DO YOU want to see, let us know on Facebook, Twitter and in the comments below!

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