The Grinch Who Ruined Cinco De Mayo

Billy Joe Saunders wants to ruin the major Mexican holiday in 2020 by being the only man, not named Floyd Mayweather, to defeat Canelo Alvarez.

the WBO super middleweight world champion has been chomping at the bit to fight Alvarez at either 160 or 168-pounds,

“That’s because he’s the face of boxing and I’d like the chance to beat him,” Saunders told Sky Sports. “Here’s the really scary thing – I know that I can do it. I would take pleasure in ruining Cinco de Mayo for the Mexican fans.”

“I watched Canelo fight Ryan Rhodes and Matthew Hatton. I’ve known since day one, ever since I put on a pair gloves, that our paths would cross,” Saunders continued. “I always knew, and dreamed, what would happen when we did. Just the same as David Lemieux – I always knew our paths would cross, too, and they did. Just the same as becoming world champion – I always knew I’d do it, and I did,” Saunders said.

“With a fighter like Canelo you can’t go into the ring with a game-plan. You need to think: ‘this is my one and only chance to change my name from being good to great’. [Former trainer] Jimmy Tibbs always said there’s a difference. If I said someone was a great fighter, Jimmy would say: ‘No, Muhammad Ali and Rocky Marciano were great fighters – that guy is a good fighter’. Canelo isn’t great. He’s good. I might look terrible in 10 fights in a row but if you put Canelo in front of me, it’s a different ball-game. A fighter like me? My style has beat him before, and I believe I can do it again.”

Report: Sky Sports

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