The International Boxing Gloves Industry Expected To Reach $1.4 Billion By 2031

There has been a surge since 2022.

The international boxing gloves market size had the value at $902.8 million in 2021. It is expected to reach $1400 million by 2031, seeing a surge of 4.6% between 2022 and 2031.

Boxing gloves are considered as padded gloves which are used by boxers during fights or training sessions. They are cushioned properly to ensure that the boxers protect their hand from injury or to block the opponent’s potential attack.

Despite the use of gloves, hand injuries have become common in combat sports. Boxing gloves are usually combined with lace-ups or velcro attachments. The velcro on the boxing gloves provide extra wrist stability.

Boxing is a popular sport and requires a lot of effort to be in competitive shape. People have started opting for this sport to improve their fitness. They frequently use punching bags to reduce direct contact, which can lead to concussions and serious injuries.

Apart from being a source of exercise, boxing improves your heart health. The high intensity of boxing matches helps you to minimize heart diseases and improve body strength. The concept of taking boxing as a fitness regime has resulted in an increase of boxers, which eventually impacts the demand of boxing gloves.

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