The IOC Bans The IBA From Its Ranks With A Decisive Vote

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has voted to expel ‘The International Boxing Association’ (IBA) from its ranks.

According to reports, 69 members agreed to ban the IBA, with only one vote going the other way. Meanwhile, ten members decided to abstain.

While boxing will still be a part of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, the IOC will oversee things without the IBA’s involvement.

After all, the IOC had suspended the IBA’s recognition in 2019 because of concerns over governance.

This was because of the IBA’s management under Uzbek and Russian presidents, as Russian energy giant Gazprom allegedly provided the finances.

And since then, the concerns did not vanish. The IBA reportedly did not adhere to the IOC’s recommendation to stop Russian fighters from competing, even with their nation’s approach to the Ukrainian conflict.

And since that moment, World Boxing, another organisation, has been set up to help the IOC deal with putting on boxing at future Olympic Games. 

What that being said, the director of the IOC, Christophe De Kepper, had this to say. 

“Yes of course we can guarantee that boxing will be on the program in Paris and LA 28. On the contrary, we appreciate the boxers for living the values of their sport.

“If we had a problem with boxers there would not have been a competition in Tokyo, there would be no boxing competition in Paris,” De Kepper

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