The Rock Suffers An Elbow Injury While Filming ‘The Smashing Machine’

Dwayne Johnson, otherwise known as the Rock, injured his elbow while preparing for his new film The Smashing Machine. 

Johnson will portray former UFC and PRIDE fighter Mark Kerr. Kerr became a Pride FC Heavyweight Champion and a two-time UFC Heavyweight Tournament Champion. The project will explore his issues with addiction to painkillers and narcotics. The Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Oleksandr Usyk will also star as Ukrainian kickboxer Igor ‘Ice Cold’ Vovchanchyn.

Johnson and Usyk will film a scene from when Kerr and Vovchanchyn fought in Yokohama, Japan, in 1999 at PRIDE 7. Johnson has already begun preparing for the role. It appears he has now damaged his elbow. The following clip shows Johnson touching his elbow, which appears swollen. 


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“I’m filming a movie called The Smashing Machine and anytime your film is called The Smashing Machine, you’re kind of going to get smashed up. Look at that sucker right there. It’s like I have a cantaloupe in the bottom of my elbow. I got banged up pretty good today in our scenes. There might be some soft tissue damage in there. That’s a lot of fluid, we’ll see. I’ve got to get it out of there first before I get any kind of MRI,” Johnson said

While Johnson did not state how the elbow injury happened, it could have been from the sparring. The film is set to be released in December, which is a blow. Fans, in the meantime, have wished Johnson a full recovery.


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