The Ultimate Fighter 31: Team Chandler Beats McGregor Once Again In Episode 5

Brad Katona of Team Chandler emerged victorious over Carlos Vera of Team McGregor, solidifying their unbeaten record in The Ultimate Fighter 31 series to an impressive 5-0.

The battle was a fierce spectacle, as Vera’s tactics kept Katona on his toes in the striking exchanges. However, he struggled to contain Katona’s relentless takedowns.

Throughout the grueling two rounds, Katona showcased his dominant ground game, unleashing punishing ground strikes while engaging in a thrilling grappling match.

Despite a few moments of brilliance from Vera, including some slick reversals, he was unable to overcome Katona who won by unanimous decision.

Katona, a three-time winner on The Ultimate Fighter, had an added layer of drama as he had trained alongside McGregor and his trainers at SBG Ireland in Dublin.

However, the fight remained unaffected by any personal history, showcasing Katona’s unwavering focus and determination.

A fiery Conor McGregor stormed into the cage after the fight, vehemently protesting the two-round format of the TUF fights, escalating the tension even further.

With a second consecutive competitive decision loss for Team McGregor, his hopes of avoiding a winless streak hang in the balance.

As the season progresses, all eyes are now on the upcoming clash between unbeaten Lee Hammond (team McGregor) and Kurt Holobaugh (team Chandler).

With three bouts left, can McGregor avoid going winless. Time will tell.

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