The Ultimate Fighter May End After This Season

13 years ago, it seemed that The Ultimate Fighter had saved the UFC and introduced it into a brand new generation of fans, now after signing its biggest television deal to date with ESPN, it seems the reality program will end.

In an interview over the weekend, White discussed the new deal with ESPN, and it seems that The Ultimate Fighter’s upcoming season may be its last.

“We don’t know yet,” White said. “We’re coming up on the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter. We don’t know. It might be the last one. 13 years, The Ultimate Fighter has gone. It’s incredible.”

White says there will be plenty of other content for fight fans after signing their five year $300 million deal with ESPN, even if  the reality program goes away.

“That’s exactly right, 42 shows [a year],” White said. “I have the ability to make some original content for those guys too, and it’s going to be awesome. ESPN wouldn’t cover us; now we’re on ESPN. Anybody who doesn’t think this is a win, just shut up. Stop covering the sport if you think this isn’t a win.”

“Fight Pass is gonna be the destination where the entire library sits and you can go in and watch whatever fight you want too or whatever other content we have on there,” White said. “So that’ll be the same. And this ESPN deal is [only for the] U.S. So, Fight Pass is the rest of the world.”


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