The Viking Invasion of England

In the year 793 AD, on a January morning, the wealthy monastic settlement of Lindisfarne (or Holy Island), off the Northumbrian coast, was suddenly attacked by a powerful fleet of Danish Vikings.

“The WBC Muay Thai was established in 2004, under the World Boxing Council (WBC) as a non-profit organization, with a mission to develop professional Muay Thai worldwide, as an affiliated division of the WBC, adhering to the rules set by the Board of Boxing Sport (Office of Professional Sports) of the Sports Authority of Thailand.”

– Source: WBC Muay Thai

At the time Danish former promoter and professional fighter, Thomas Larsen was asked to represent WBC Muay Thai in Denmark, but he was busy with other projects and recommended Mohammad F. Tehrani of Aarhus, Denmark.

Since then Tehrani has done an outstanding job and promoted several huge WBC Muay Thai events including World, European and national championship fights.

Daniel Suarez and Mohammad F. Tehrani, WBC Muay Thai: displaying the championship belt
Tehrani on the left and Daniel Suarez displaying the coveted green belt.


On September 10th Tehrani and the WBC Muay Thai Denmark staff is at it again, sanctioning the highly anticipated WBC Muay Thai Under 18 featherweight championship of Europe title fight at the Mikenta Fight Night.

Jonathan Haggerty, the former ONE Championship Flyweight Muay Thai World champion, has a younger brother, Freddie.

In an interview with the London News Online, Haggerty senior said: “He could be on a par with me – if not better.”

Jonathan and Freddie Haggerty showing off their belts
The Haggerty Champions.                                                                                                                                                 Private photo.


The Britons are invading Denmark to capture gold and settle the old Viking age feud. Freddie Haggerty, 20 fights, is facing Danish Jasper Landal, 15 fights, but it’s not going to be an easy night for any of the young warriors

Haggerty junior trains alongside his older brother, who is contracted by ONE Championship and fights the best fighters in the world.

But Landal fights out of the famous Muay Thai camp in Koege, Denmark, Extreme Muay Thai. He trains alongside the likes of Niclas “Dreamchaser” Larsen, who is also fighting for ONE Championship, and who captured the coveted green belt last year beating the French Valentin Thibaut for the vacant WBC Muay Thai Super Welterweight title.

Mikenta Fight Night poster featuring Freddie Haggerty and Jasper Landal for the WBC Muay Thai Under 18 Featherweight European title
The WBC Muay Thai Under 18 Featherweight European title is up for grabs.                      Photo credit: Jesper Dabelsteen


Former multiple times Danish, European and world champion in Kickboxing and Muay Thai, founder and trainer at Extreme Muay Thai, Jesper Dabelsteen, is doing a tremendous job coaching his fighters, but also coaching pad men, conditioning trainers, laying sound strategy for his fighters, producing sound game plans and securing his fighters big fights.

Gym owner and trainer of champions Jesper Dabelsteen at ONE Championship, Singapore
Trainer of champions Jesper Dabelsteen at ONE Championship “Tawanchai vs. Larsen”, Singapore.                                        Photo courtesy of Mr. Dabelsteen.


“In a clash of two of Europe’s rising next generation talents, England’s Freddie Haggerty will face off against Denmark’s Jasper Landal for the vacant WBC Muay Thai European under 18 Featherweight title on September 10th in Denmark.

Both young Muay Thai athletes go into the showdown as British and Danish champion, respectively.”

But only one will leave the ring as the newly crowned WBC Muay Thai European under 18 Featherweight champion.”

Stay tuned on FIGHT SPORTS for results from Mikenta Fight Night.

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