The World’s First Muay Thai Luxury Hotel

THAI FIGHT Has Opened It's Brand New Muay Thai Hotel

THAI FIGHT Ram Muay Illustration

Recently THAI FIGHT announced that they would invest THB 200 million in Muay Thai, build luxury Muay Thai hotels and continue to put on free to attend shows across Thailand.

The promotion puts on events featuring traditional Muay Thai fights but also the ungloved Kard Chuek fights, where fighters wear hemp rope on their hands and forearms. All the events are held in conjunction with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and often feature foreign fighters against famous Thai fighters such as Saenchai, Buakaw, Yodsanklai Fairtex to name a few.

THAI FIGHT has promoted 83 events so far, and many top Europeans have fought at the events too: the Frenchmen Fabio Pinca and Jimmy Vienot; Belgian Youssef Boughanem and Alka Matewa ; Ukrainian Sasha Moisa and many more.

During the weekend the promotion opened their first Muay Thai luxury hotel, and posted about it on Facebook:

THAI FIGHT Hotel Opening Facebook Post
Please click on the picture to visit and see the original post on Facebook.


THAI FIGHT Hotel Promo Video from Facebook.


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