The Oldest Muay Thai Stadium Goes International

Rajadamnern Stadium has Begun a New Era

Thailand has several Muay Thai stadiums but two stand out as the ultimate Mecca of fighting – the modern day Colosseum.

The oldest of the two stadiums is  Rajadamnern Stadium and they are currently in the process of modernizing their concept and rules in order to attract bigger crowds, more international exposure and of course to see the national sport, Muay Thai, grow and expand.

Female fight action at Rajadamnern. Credit: Coconuts Bangkok.


Women were recently allowed to fight at Rajadamnern and this is a huge thing since the superstition surrounding Muay Thai didn’t allow women to enter the ring or even touch it until recently. It wasn’t male chauvinism that kept female fighters from showing off their skills at the stadiums in Thailand: for decades, conservative belief – deeply rooted in patriarchal norms – said the boxing venue was “sacred” and thus should not be “contaminated” by women who menstruate, a persistent taboo and superstition that to this day is considered a sign of their “impurity” in parts of Asia.

Enter the year 2022: Rajadamnern World Series kicked off on July 22nd with several female fights and all Friday night fights at Rajadamnern, or Raja, will now be entitled Rajadamnern World Series and will feature four separate tournaments enabling the victorious fighters a million Thai Bath.

To really get things rolling Raja contracted the world’s most famous Muay Thai fighter and Kickboxer, Buakaw Banchamek, to fight the pride of Japan MMA, Kota, in an exhibition fight (three rounds, full Muay Thai rules). This was on Friday the 19th and Buakaw won in round three by RSC.

Stay tuned as FIGHT SPORTS will update you regularly with news from Rajadamnern.

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