‘They Did A Lousy Job’: Teddy Atlas Unimpressed With Whyte And His Corner

Veteran trainer and expert analyst, Teddy Atlas was brutally honest in evaluating Dillian Whyte’s showing against the WBC world champion Tyson Fury at Wembley Stadium in London nearly two weeks ago.

Atlas, having trained the likes of Alexander Povetkin, Timothy Bradley, and Mike Tyson, wasn’t impressed with Whyte’s gameplan.

Fury used his size efficiently to his advantage, overpowering Whyte in the early rounds and eventually delivering a thumping uppercut to close the show.

Atlas slammed Whyte and his corner’s lack of preparation, arguing Whyte looked baffled and confused the whole time.

“Sometimes heavyweight title fights are overhyped, even the ones that sell out 94,000 seats at Wembley. The knockout saved it, the first thing I’d say is, as well prepared as Fury was and how he wound up looking, that’s how bad Dillian Whyte was, instead of talking about the push, what he should talk about is his lack of preparation for the style he’s facing. His corner, everyone who got paid, everybody who has a responsibility, everybody who’s part of that effort, they did a lousy job,” Atlas stated on his podcast.

Atlas, known for keeping things simple in the ring, highlighted the importance of jab which Whyte used rarely in the whole fight. While Fury fought behind his jab, keeping the fellow English man at bay.

“You got to use the jab when you got a guy dominating you with his jab. As Mike Tyson did with taller guys that had a longer jab, he moved his head and got inside of the longer jab and he out jabbed him with his jab, but you gotta be taught that stuff.

“He needed to use his jab to nullify the other guy, if not nullify it then at least keep it under control to at least keep Fury honest. He didn’t need to have a better jab, but he had to have a semblance of a jab to at least keep Fury from doing what he did, controlling the outside of the ring.”

Following the fight, Whyte complained that Fury had illegally pushed him to the canvas with his head hitting the mat after being badly staggered by the uppercut. Whyte demanded a rematch which like many, Atlas doesn’t entertain at all.

“[Fury] gets him up high, looking at the jab and getting his eyes fixated on that level, then he comes from below. It’s the first uppercut he threw all night. He had the discipline all night to wait until the right moment. In the sixth round after all the time went by, he chooses to come from below when his eyes were unable to adjust to the punch coming from down there. He never saw it coming which made it so impactful,” he added.

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