This Is How Bad Charles Oliveira’s Eyesight Really Is

When he’s not training or competing, Charles Oliveira wears glasses, and according to him, his eyesight is bad – really bad.

The UFC lightweight champion recently talked on the Brazilian MMA Legends podcast. He joked about how terrible his eyesight is.

“So I see three [opponents]. Three guys for me is perfect,” he said.

“If I’m hitting the middle one, it’s alright. I think: ‘Keep this same technique.”

“If I take off my glasses, I can only see [at about] 50 percent, but it never hindered me in a fight.”

Oliveira, 32, is the UFC’s all-time leader in finishes (18) and submission victories (15). A record 29 of his 32 professional mixed martial arts victories have come by way of finishes.

Oliveira was diagnosed with a heart murmur as a child and a disability that made walking extremely difficult for him.

Oliveira began training in jiu-jitsu before launching his MMA career after his aspirations of being a professional footballer were destroyed.

Oliveira is currently 2-0 in 2021, having won the lightweight championship from Michael Chandler in May, which had been vacated by Khabib Nurmagomedov’s retirement in late 2020.
He last submitted Dustin Poirier in December in his first title defense.

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