This Is How Boxing Helps Parkinson’s Patients Stunt The Disease

A non-profit organization is behind the success.

Most people suffering from the Parkinson’s have a hard time stopping the disease from growing. They consume medicines and undergo therapy to try and halt its progression.

But a new method has seemingly found its way to people suffering from the disease, which is apparently helping them improve their mood as well as stunt the growth.

Nearly one million people in the US are registered Parkinson’s patients.

It’s a brain disorder that causes uncontrollable movements. The patients often shake and find it difficult to balance themselves. Its symptoms worsen over time and many patients even have trouble walking and speaking as it progresses.

NBC News Medical Fellow Dr. Akshay Syal has revealed in a report that Rocksteady Boxing, a non-profit organization, has been helping Parkinson’s patients with a non-contact boxing curriculum.

Michelle Marcisak, the coach at the boxing centre, explained how she has a set of instructions that she gets her trainees to follow.

Speaking to NBC, patients revealed that the regular trainings meant that their agility, speed, and balance has not gone down. They feel that the disease’s progression has halted, and their reflexes haven’t degenerated at all ever since they have been training.

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