‘This Is Not OK’: Fans Concerned For Evander Holyfield Ahead Of Vitor Belfort Fight

Fans are concerned about 58-year-old Evander Holyfield, but the legendary boxer said he wants to give Saturday night a shot.

Reactions outpoured on social media after video of Holyfield’s media workout was posted. Some have said he looks slow and his skills are not what they once were.

The Florida Athletic Commission cleared the Holyfield-Vitor Belfort to happen. In a statement they said:

“The Florida Athletic Commission has approved the EVANDER HOLYFIELD vs. VITOR BELFORT bout as a fully regulated professional boxing match. It will be conducted under the Unified Rules of Boxing and scored by three judges on the 10-point must system.

All boxers on this card have successfully met all requirements to be licensed by the Florida Athletic Commission.”

But fans are appalled by the clearance.

Holyfield (44-10, 29 KOs) has not fought in a decade. His last matchup was against Brian Nielsen where he won via TKO in 2011. He has only been knocked out twice in his career.

Despite the criticisms and concerns, “The Real Deal” said he wants to go for it.

“But I know I do boxing and I took care of myself real well. The fact is, I’m going in there with an MMA guy, and yeah, he does a couple of things right. He knows how to throw punches and he can deliver hard shots, but I can do more. I just bring more to the game because [of all] the years of doing it,” Holyfield said.

“I kind of feel that you’ve got to have a lot of confidence to get in the sport and get it with me when I’ve been doing it a lot longer.

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