This Is Why Georges St-Pierre And Anderson Silva Never Met In The Octagon

Georges St-Pierre explained why he never fought against Anderson Silva.

There was a time when St-Pierre was dominating in the welterweight division while Anderson Silva was the champion in the middleweight. They were one of the best fighters in the UFC, and even today, people consider them as the No. 1 pound-for-pound fighters in the history of mixed martial arts.

MMA fans really wanted to see the two fighters share the octagon in their prime, but it never happened.

In an interview with MMA Junkie, St-Pierre – who previously said he’s not interested in fighting again – explained why it never happened.

“There was a time that we were talking with Anderson Silva for a fight. It never materialized, but I never had a contract in front of me ready to sign. People were speculating in the media and everything,” he said.

Last time St-Pierre fought was against middleweight champion Michael Bisping, dethroning him.

Meanwhile, for Silva, he was defeated in all of his last three fights and suffered from leg injuries several times. The last time he fought was against Uriah Hall, and a technical knockout defeated him. After that, Anderson made his professional boxing debut and earned phenomenal victory.

Drug tests were problems at the time, but today UFC cooperates with USADA, and all the fighters are checked for prohibited substances.

“Looking back, if we would’ve done this, it would’ve been great, but it needed to be done at a catchweight with drug testing. That was my condition, and I don’t think UFC wanted it at the time. At the time, I had so many challenges in my division. I was very busy in my division.
I didn’t want to go up, gain weight, try to go up, and then come back down. It would’ve been crazy, maybe a career breaker for me.”

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