Thomas Eyes Olympic Glory Ahead Of Euro Championship

With less than 18 months separating Jordan Thomas from his dream of Olympic Glory, the 2016 world champion works towards his destiny.

“Early in 2016 my first status on Facebook was: ‘This is a year of business’,” Thomas told The Guardian. “I won the European bronze medal in May. Then I put a post up that said: ‘I am coming.’ I felt it, that it was meant to be, everything was coming together. For me it was not if, it was when.”

The 27-year-old competes in the 67kg class in the kumite discipline – the fighting and sparring branch of karate, which is making its debut at the Tokyo Olympics next year.

While Thomas would see success in 2014 becoming the first European Champion from Britain, the Karateka would juggle multiple jobs to support not only himself, but his dream of being a world champion.

“All the money I made went on my career. It was tough. I was always up against full-time athletes and it just made success sweeter. I would be getting up earlier than them, squeeze in training here and there and couldn’t go to as many competitions as them because of the money situation, but still going out and beating these guys.”

With only eight of the ten spots open for the 2020 games in Tokyo, the British born karateka needing a win this coming weekend at the  European championships in Guadalajara, Spain.

“For me tomorrow hasn’t been written yet. I make my own story,” Thomas said. “I can go forward and create my own my own history. Tokyo is the main objective. At my best I will be there. I am good enough to be there, now it’s about getting the job done.”

Initial Report: The Guardian

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