Throwback: A Behind-The-Scenes Look Of The First Anthony Joshua Vs. Andy Ruiz Jr. Fight

Yesterday, June 1 was the anniversary of when Andy Ruiz Jr. shocked the world by taking out Anthony Joshua. Inside Madison Square Garden, Ruiz, who was brushed aside by a few professionals, took down Joshua after a round three for the ages. Knocking him to the canvas multiple times, Ruiz won when the referee called the fight off in the seventh round.

The rise to the top followed with a fall from grace for Ruiz, as Joshua regained the titles in Saudi Arabia only a few months later. However, the overall atmosphere before and after the first fight was electric.

Check out his behind-the-scenes look of the first fight, via the above video. Highlights include the announcement of Ruiz as the new opponent for Joshua, as well as reactions by several members of the media and backstage personnel. Following that is the preparation for the fight, the fight in general, and the post-fight press conferences featuring Ruiz and Joshua.

An added bonus will be Ruiz embracing his new celebrity status, something that was his downfall once the rematch took place.

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