Throwback: Chuck Liddell’s First Title Win Against Randy Couture

Back in 2003 at UFC 43, Chuck Liddell lost to Randy Couture via TKO. The rematch in 2005 saw a more seasoned Liddell take out Couture, who just recently became a two-time UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. Yesterday, April 16, was the anniversary of Liddell’s crowning moment.

Inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena, the crowd was red hot for the main event of the evening. On the same night that Matt Hughes came back and submitted Frank Trigg, “The Iceman” took out “The Natural” for his first UFC title, albeit with some controversy.

Liddell came into the fight much more prepared compared to the original. He hit countering strikes that landed on Couture’s chin. Randy ended up hitting right and lefts that almost missed. Liddell hit a few uppercuts, and in the middle of all that landed a thumb to the eye of Randy. That distraction would cost Couture, as Liddell took advantage and hit a left hook and a right to take down the now-former champion.

The third and final fight between the two took place at UFC 57 in 2006. Liddell ended it all with a knockout in round two, defending the UFC Light Heavyweight Title for the second time.

You can check out the fight, via the UFC, in the video above.

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