Throwback Throwdown: Errol Zimmerman’s Last Fight Vs. Nidal Bchiri (2018)

The future was on display in 2018 as Nidal Bchiri took on the legendary Errol Zimmerman. The then-26-year-old fought a former K-1 World Grand Prix Amsterdam Champion as well as a SUPERKOMBAT Fight Club Winner. However, the once-dominant Zimmerman was at the end of his career, and Bchiri knew it.

On the latest Throwback Throwdown, FIGHT SPORTS opens the vault and reviews Bchiri’s statement-making win against Zimmerman.

The Setup

Bchiri was getting the opportunity of a lifetime. Before their bout with one another, Bchiri made a prediction. At the time, the 32-year-old Zimmerman was 2-3 in his last five bouts. While he was honored to face someone with his resume, Bchiri knew this was a fight that was a changing of the guard moment.

“When they told me I would face Zimmerman I ordered a pizza,” Bchiri stated. “He is so big, like a building. For me, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to face one of my idols. I watched his last fight. I observed him and I can tell you after this fight he will retire.”

Zimmerman made sure to tell him to back up his words in the ring. What he didn’t realize is that it wasn’t a prediction, but a fact.

The (Literal) Hook


Bchiri came in swinging right at the start of the opening bell. He swung so hard he knocked Zimmerman down to the floor. While the punches barely landed, Zimmerman still had to be asked by the referee if he was able to continue. While he appeared to be fine, Zimmerman was never really able to find his ground.

Backing him up against the ropes, Bchiri landed vicious shots to the body and face of Zimmerman. Uppercuts were going through the guards and Zimmerman was in immediate trouble. Zimmerman tried a kick but stumbled back from exhaustion. Bchiri hit a combination of kicks and punches that once again backed Zimmerman up. Bchiri then hit a brutal right that dazed Zimmerman and while he was up against the ropes a straight right hand by Bchiri ended Zimmerman’s night.

Just like that, the referee called it off, as the announcers felt like he was a shadow of his former self.

The Post-Match Breakdown

The prediction came true, as Zimmerman hasn’t been seen following the bout. As a result of his efforts, Bchiri ended up becoming a true heavyweight contender. The last we heard from him, Bchiri was facing off against Muhammed Balli for Enfusion.

The Verdict 

Zimmerman welcomed the challenge and it backfired on him. The former kickboxer has now been observing great fighters, while Bchiri will try and live up to his status of legend killer. Only time will tell if that comes to fruition.

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