Thurman Knows Pacquiao Wants Mayweather

WBA world welterweight champion Keith Thurman returns to the ring on Saturday night against Josesito Lopez.

When asked about his fight with Lopez during Tuesday’s conference call,  Thurman said he was surprised at his opponent’s confidence heading into their title fight, noting to Carlos Toro of Fightful that “He shouldn’t have any [laughs]. I want to see where that confidence comes from.”

Saturday night also marks the first time in almost two years that Thurman puts on the gloves, ending a stretch where he would go under the knife twice for a myriad of injuries, including breaking his hand while preparing for a comeback fight in 2018.

“I learned a little bit about staying in shape… It was a little depressing. I had to tell myself, ‘You got to get yourself moving. You got to be a champion again.”

When it comes to fellow WBA welterweight champion, Manny Pacquiao, who holds the “regular” version of the title, Thurman would love to fight the Filipino senator, but is unsure if Pacquiao would be on the table for later in 2019.

While on the conference call, Thurman admitted that he knew Pacquiao wanted a rematch with Mayweather to get back a loss he suffered in 2015, but selfishly admitted that he hopes Mayweather stays retired so he can get a shot at Pacquiao.

“I just know he’s interested in fighting Mayweather. I doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how much money they’re gonna generate,” Thurman told Toro.

“I would love an opportunity to fight a legend such as Manny Pacquiao… If I had ever such an opportunity, I’d definitely take it.”

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