Thurman Wants Rematch After “Draw” With Pacquiao

Despite being knocked down early in their July showdown at the MGM Grand, Keith Thurman believes he’s in-line for a rematch with Manny Pacquiao and that it was in-fact a draw.

“I’m ready for the rematch. He just got off to a good start, I was behind, and he was just a little bit calmer than I expected Manny Pacquiao to be. At his age, he’s calming down, he’s not taking chances like a young fighter. He’s smarter, he’s been through it all,” Thurman told TMZ Sports on Tuesday.

“I still got a lot of respect for him. I still think the fight was nothing more than a draw. I don’t really think he won the fight. I know it was hella close, sometimes it’s a coin toss.. but a coin toss is sometimes 50-50 and you gotta pick heads or tails.”

Thurman is fine with waiting on the showdown, as the Filipino senator is rumored to be taking a break from action until the early part of 2020.

“Why not? I think it’s the best fight of the year. I might have to go the Philippines and we’ll need to talk in person.,” Thurman told the gossip website.

“I might have to do that. Apparently, the Philippines loves me now. They are big fans of Keith Thurman out there. Before they weren’t. Now they love me. They loved the fight, they loved the action, it wasn’t the Floyd Mayweather fight [with Pacquiao], it wasn’t the Adrien Broner fight [with Pacquiao], it was a real deal championship boxing match.”


Initial Report: TMZ

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