Manny’s Age Can Cost Him

Leading up to their July 20th battle, Keith Thurman has attempted to take residency in the mind of Manny Pacquiao.

Yet, after nearly of quarter century of fighting with a majority of that time as one of the biggest stars in boxing, Pacquiao’s nerves are made of steel.

“For me nothing is personal,” Pacquiao said of Thurman saying he’d retire and crucify the Filipino senator.

“Our job is to fight. He has to prove something, and I have to prove something. It’s easy to say things. But it’s not so easy to do it in the ring.”

Looking at the defending champion, Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach, expects the younger fighter to go right after the 40-year-old challenger.

“I feel he’s going to try and come for Manny and try to prove that he’s the bigger, stronger man,” Roach told AFP. “He will come forward. He’s a pretty good puncher but Manny’s footwork should keep him out of trouble.

“I would love a collision because Manny will beat him to the punch every time. One guy is fast, one guy is slow. Thurman hits hard but he has no speed at all. I don’t see him being able to get close to Manny because of his speed.”

While Pacquiao’s training camp has been great, Roach was reminded that older fighters tend to look great in the gym, but once they step into the ring, the flaws are easier to spot.

“This is true,” Roach said. “Usually it doesn’t show up in the gym. It only shows up in the fight. And I’m very aware of that. And if it does show in the fight I’ll be the first one to stop the fight if need be.”

While Roach would be the first one to stop the fight, he’s not sure if Pacquiao would listen if his trainer said it was time to retire.

“There’s too many people around him who will tell him I’m full of s**t, and he may listen to them,” Roach told AFP of a pact he and the senator made in regards to Pacquiao retiring when Roach thought it was time.

“At one time I’d have  said our agreement was pretty solid and he’d listen to me. But today I’m not so sure.”

Report: Jakarta Post

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