Tiffany TimeBomb Trains Like Buakaw

Tiffany "TimeBomb" Van Soest took time out of her Bali vacation to drop this gem of a video clip on Instagram earlier.  A video that is sure to go viral had Van Soest kicking a banana tree in a bikini while on vacation in Bali, Indonesia.  Surely paying homage to Buakaw Banchamek’s famous video where he kicks over a banana tree, should circulate and make Van Soest an internet sensation before she fights for Glory on December 10.  Now she doesn’t actually kick over the tree but she lands several hard kicks to it’s trunk while sporting some impressive swim wear.

Tiffany is a star in the world of muay thai and kickboxing but is not a household name just yet.  Flagged as the overwhelming favorite for winning the first ever Glory women’s bantamweight championship, Tiffany is entering the prime of her career, ready for stardom.  1-0 under the Glory promotion, Van Soest sports an impressive professional record (15-2-1) with six knockouts.  She is technically sound with power in both hands and both legs to go along with good looks and a personality to become the next big female fighter in women’s kickboxing.  Tiffany is also 1-1 in a budding professional mixed martial arts career.  Cleary the world is her oyster at the moment.

This video is sure to bring some well deserved attention to "TimeBomb".  Tiffany is ticking and ready to explode on December 10 Glory Collision in Germany.


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